No Venting Required!

Cres Cor has data showing that our ovens do not require hood venting for most local codes.

Upon conclusion of the thorough EPA 202 test method run on a worst-case test unit at Underwriters Laboratories (UL), it was recently determined that Cres Cor Ovens (QuikTherm™ Retherm Ovens, Cook-N-Hold Ovens and Roast-N-Hold Ovens) meet the standards set forth in section 59 of UL 710B for proper ventilation and emissions of grease laden air, and are therefore not required to be placed under a ventilation hood. Health inspectors may use local codes to overrule these results, but as far as the UL standard is concerned, the series of Cres Cor ovens listed above emit less than 4% of the limit of grease emission which would require an appliance to be placed under a ventilation hood. View the data findings received from UL agency in the letter below. It's just another way Cres Cor is leading the way in safe, reliable and efficient foodservice equipment.

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